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Mousse or Whip? What's your perfect match?

Mousse or Whip? What's your perfect match?

At Skinny Tan, we believe that tanning is personal – gone are the days of one-size-fits-all tans, it's all about finding your perfect match. Whether you prefer the luxurious texture of our Mousses or the effortless application of our Whips, we have everything you need to achieve the tan that's uniquely you.

Heading on a summer holiday? Going out with friends? Or just want a touch of sun-kissed radiance for your everyday look? We can help you own your glow.

Customisable Formulas for Every Skin Tone

Whether you're a first-time tanner dipping your toes into the world of bronzing or a seasoned pro looking for the next level of customisation, Skinny Tan has you covered. For a subtle sun-kissed radiance to a deep, bronzed tan, our range of Whips and Mousses has the perfect formula for you.

Skincare Benefits for a Radiant Glow

We understand that your skin deserves the best, which is why our products are infused with hardworking skincare ingredients to nourish and hydrate while delivering a flawless tan. Say goodbye to dry, patchy skin and hello to a radiant, sun-kissed complexion.

Find Your Perfect Match with Skinny Tan

Our mousse collection is perfect for both first-time and experienced tanners. With customisable depth to suit any skin tone and preference, there's something for everyone.

Self-Tanning Mousse

Our best-selling Self-Tanning Mousse is an icon for a reason. This lightweight, fast-drying mousse can be layered for an even darker colour, giving you the freedom to build your perfect tan. Choose from Medium or Dark.


1 Hour Express Self-Tanning Mousse

In a hurry? Our 1 Hour Express Mousse is your go-to for a darker, faster tan. Fully customisable to achieve your desired shade, it’s perfect for those spontaneous tanning moments.

Self-Tanning Whip

Voted the best smelling fake tan by The Independent, our Self-Tanning Whip’s easy-to-use texture magically melts into the skin, offering a smooth, flawless tan. Choose from Medium or Dark.

Clear Self-Tanning Mousse

Meet our Clear Self-Tanning Mousse: a clear formula that provides skin-deep care while delivering a darker tan for longer. Say goodbye to guide colours and hello to effortless tanning.


Which Mousse Should I Choose?

Still wondering which mousse is your perfect match? Let’s break it down:

  • For a versatile, buildable tan: Go for the Self-Tanning Mousse.
  • For a quick tan fix: Try the 1 Hour Express Mousse.
  • For a summer-ready, cooling tan: Choose the Self-Tanning Whip.
  • For a no-transfer, no-rinse tan: Opt for the Clear Self-Tanning Mousse.

Shop the Collection

Ready to find your glow? Explore our range and shop the collection today.

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