So what's so 'skinny' about Skinny Tan anyway?

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... The answer might just surprise you!

Skinny Tan Founder Louise Ferguson reveals the real truth behind the name.

It's a fact! 

Skinny Tan has caught the nation of tan lovers attention.  Not least because of its name!  When it appeared on Dragons Den it broke records because here was a product shown to offer a little  'skinny' with its firming actives and a better 'tan' with its natural streak free ingredients.   

A desirable combo for some.  But that name has invited questions and criticisms and we love to join the conversation.  Because there is another reason its called 'Skinny Tan' and it might just surprise you!  

The biggest misconception of course is that Skinny Tan was made for girls with thin bodies.  Quite the opposite!   Skinny Tan was created because I was struggling with my weight after having a baby and I felt I looked thinner when tanned.  My best friend Kate was using a really effective guarana based cellulite cream that she couldn't use with a tan. 

So at our most body concsious we just just thought lets hit tanning and firming with one simple formula.  And lets make it a really good formula that doesn't stink like other tanners, doesn't dry the skin and is simple to use without streaking!

But toning as well as tanning was only part of the decision to call it Skinny Tan. The real reason was that like your Skinny Capuccino, Skinny Tan includes less of the ingredients that are bad for you. 

We have avoided parabens and sulfates and included a new certified natural tanning agent plus organic smoothing oils and friming guarana. 

In fact if you compare our ingredients list to some other tanners you soon see we have kept it short - less is more -  because its our ingredients list that is really skinny too!
Happy Tanning Louise xxx


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