SUN Awareness week - why do you see more Brits than Aussies on Bondi Beach?

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Skinny Tan Founder Louise Ferguson explains.
My friends are always surprised that it was while living in Australia that I invented Skinny Tan.
To them, selling self-tan to Aussies is like selling "cold stuff to Innuit". 
"Why would Australians buy self-tanners!  They have the sun!" 
But my friends couldn't be more wrong!
Australians LOVE self-tanning because their sunny curse of the highest rate of skin cancer in the World, meant Australians were the first to be aware that sun-bathing carries serious risks.  And that has lead to an awareness that has ultimately saved thousands of lives.  The education on sun protection is so serious that my Aussie-born kids knew how to protect themselves from the sun before they even learned to brush their own teeth. 
And the dangers of UV rays are so well understood that even sun beds have been completely banned in Australia.
But if you think knowing about sun dangers makes the Aussies any less keen to tan you'd be mistaken.  The only difference, that is having lived generations with a natural tan, Aussies would not endure the streaky, orange effect sometimes associated with self tanners because a tan to them has been natural for decades it can't look unnatural now.  Its all about looking young and healthy and outdoorsy without the ageing and cancer causing effects of real sun damage.
And that's why you may find that Australian brands of self-tanner are likely to offer a natural looking result.  Australian Skinny Tan especially went to great lengths to ensure that if people swapped the dangers of sun bathing for a self-tanner that they did so without sacrifice.  We even went so far as making our launch 7-day tanner from 99% naturally derived ingredients so Aussies could say there tan was a 'naturally derived' Australian tan (just not from the dangerous sun!)
So yes you will still find Australians looking their traditional outdoorsy tan colour without streaks but you are unlikely to ever see a true blue Aussie lying baking on Bondi Beach.  The people doing that are us Brits who you might also see stripped down to our bras with abandon in the parks in a lunch hour if there is so much of a glimour of suns tanning hope.
We Brits still use sunbeds more than other countries around the world and binge on holiday sun with the idea that if we don't come back tanned we weren't really there.
And thats why Sun Awareness week is so important.  The consequenses can be serious and we need to take heed.  Wear sunblock, hats and sleeves.  And if we want a tan then follow the Australians who know how to tan and find a better alternative.
TIPS - wearing sun tan lotion with Skinny Tan Self-tanners.
1) Always apply sun protection at the level you would if you were not wearing fake tan
2) IF your fake tan says it contains sunblock be careful!  The sun protection only lasts on the initial application and is gone once it is rinsed.
3)The Fake Tan itself does not provide real sun protection.  You may not be able to see it going pink or red so easily but your skin will naturally tan and burn just the same with fake tan on as it would without.
4)Sun protection creams  will interfere with fake tan development so only apply it after your tan has developed and you have showered.
5) step 1 - apply your fake tan before going out in the sun we think its best to do it before going to bed.   Step 2 - allow your tan to develop before adding sun protection creams.  4) Shower and dry your skin once your tan has developed.  5) Appply sun protection over the top of your tan as you would normally even if you were not wearing fake tan.

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