Tanning Sheet Protector Tanning Sheet Protector Tanning Sheet Protector

Tanning Sheet Protector

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 Don't lose sleep over tan marks.

Love to develop your tan while you sleep?  Hate waking up to marked sheets? Its time you discovered the Skinny Tan Sheet Protection system.  A breathable cotton-blend sleeping bag with a pillow shaped pocket to protect all your bedding from tan transference during the developing process.  

And more than that!  This smart black sheet protector is non-absorbent with a smooth surface to prevent friction and guarantee that your tan will stay evenly on your skin and develop flawlessly no matter how you sleep.  

Also designed with comfort in mind this clever fabric is temperature regulated, breathable and hypo-allergenic.  It even comes with a compact carry-bag and is lightweight and prefect for travel.

Simply wash and re-use every time you tan.  

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