7-Day Tanner (6 Pack)

7-Day Tanner (6 Pack)

A natural, medium bronze tan that lasts for up to 7 days. The instant bronzer colour guide provides a fool-proof way to ensure a perfect sunless tan.

The 7-Day Tanner uses a 100% natural tanning active derived from seeds and is packed full of luxurious moisturisers including sunflower and sweet almond oil. The high quality ingredients make it perfect for use on both face and body. It also contains a natural cellulite body-firming ingredient (Guarana) that improves the appearance of blemishes and imperfections.

The 7-Day Tanner can be layered to achieve a deeper colour. No need to wait for the tan to have completely faded before reapplying or topping up with our Gradual Tanner product.

You resale value per 7-day tanner at recommended retail price is £19.99 each

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