Chocolate Tanning Essentials (Milk)

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The Choc range is BACK IN STOCK!  To celebrate, we've put together this limited edition bundle of our Chocolate Tanning Essentials.  The Choc range contains real cocoa extract for anti-ageing benefits, helping your skin look and feel supple and young for longer whilst providing a flawless, natural-looking bronze tan.  

Self-Tanning Whip in Milk Choc: 
A divinely chocolate-scented whipped self-tanner with real cocoa extract. Indulge your skin with this decadent choc whip that magically melts into the skin, developing into a natural looking flawless tan over 6-8 hours that lasts for days.

Cookie Dough Pre-Tan Primer: 
A cookie dough scented body exfoliator formulated with real cocoa extract for smooth, glowing skin. Smooth, polish & refine your skin, resulting in a perfect blank canvas for your new Dark Choc tan application!

Instant Tan Melt in Milk Choc: 
This divinely-scented tan melt instantly gives you a natural-looking colour that lasts all day and washes off with soap & water.  

1 x Cookie Dough Pre-Tan Primer
1 x Instant Tan Melt in Milk Choc
1 x Self-Tanning Whip in Milk Choc

Vegan-friendly and Cruelty Free