Packaging Clearance Sale! Original Oil bottle - SAME GREAT Tan and Tone OIL INSIDE!

Packaging Clearance Sale! Original Oil bottle - SAME GREAT Tan and Tone OIL INSIDE!

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WOW! Grab a MEGA OIL triple offer as we clear out our original packaging as pictured here.  Same size 145ml - same oil inside - just a different shaped bottle.    Limited available.  Never to be repeated. 

Buy one bottle + exfoliating mitt and get another 2 (yes 2) bottles for free. 

Enough to keep you TANNED All year round! 

Why such a great offer?  If you look closely you will see that this oil is in our original rectangular bottle.  Now we have  a round shaped bottle we can't sell  this one to stores - its a minor quibble that means a major discount for you guys while we clear the last of the rectangular bottles through.  But once we do this offer will end and we won't be able to offer such an incredible deal on this best selling Oil again! 

Discover the new way to TAN that's got everybody talking and SAVE.

Made with over 90% naturally derived ingredients

SkinnyTan Tan Oil is the hydrating, quick and easy way to a streak-free tan that looks so natural no-one will ever know you are faking it.  No orange, no streaking, SkinnyTan Tan Oil applies smoothly in seconds with a silky finish and an instant bronze glow that then develops to a long lasting natural-looking colour that helps disguise the visible appearance of cellulite with a cosmetic effect that lasts until the tan fades.

Spritz, Glow and Go!

Apply after the shower with a quick spritz and the soft as silk non-sticky deliciously scented oil formula will add an instant glow. Leave to develop into a golden, dewy tan that lasts for weeks.  And because it doesn't dry your skin, SkinnyTan Tan Oil can be layered to darken your tan or maintain your colour.  Its easy and fool-proof because its virtually IMPOSSIBLE to streak.

Paraben-free, free from animal testing and suitable for vegans!

And remember like all SkinnyTan products our Tan Oil comes with the confidence of our "BEST TAN OR YOUR MONEY BACK" no questions asked guarantee! Choose Medium OR Dark. 

(please note  mitt in this deal colour may vary from picture)

We can't wait to hear what you think of this amazing tanning innovation! 



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