PROTECT & GLOW 30+ MILK 3 FOR £19.99 PROTECT & GLOW 30+ MILK 3 FOR £19.99

PROTECT & GLOW 30+ MILK 3 FOR £19.99

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NEW!  Triple Action - Protect, Tan and Hydrate in ONE! 

  • High UVA protection with the Boots 5 StarUVA Rating
  • Built in Gradual Tanner so you can tan as you protect
  • Water Resistant 
  • Enriched with naturally derived coconut oil & Vitamin E
  • Cruelty Free, Dermatologically tested. Paraben Free
  • JUST the right size for your hand luggage 100 ml

Sun protection just took a giant leap forward! 

Now you can get the day in the sun tanning look without the dangerous, damage from the sun. 

So we all love to look tanned BUT we all now know that even Brits are suffering the horrors of skin cancer and sun damage decades after they roasted for their tan. So at Skinny Tan SAFE Tanning is key.

But what if you still want to build a tan while you are blocking the rays. Well now you can have it all! 

Skinny Tan Protect and Glow is sun protection first and has all the highest calibre sun block with 5-star UVA and UVB protection.  PLUS it has the Skinny Tan gradual tanning built right in so every-time you add protection you also get the tanning agent.  YEP its SUN SMART - and well SIMPLY SMART.  (there I said it!)

How does it work?

Simply spritz and make sure it is rubbed evenly into your skin as you would any ordinary sun protection spray. Apply liberally up to 4 times per day to stay full protected and watch the tan build, day by day, as you do so. By the time your holiday is over and your back home, you will have built up a beautiful colour just like the real thing, without risking your skins health.

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