Buy ONE Get 2 MORE FREE!  + 2 FREE Mitts!

Buy ONE Get 2 MORE FREE! + 2 FREE Mitts!

Sold Out

Original Packaging Design.  Same Great Skinny Tan inside.  Australia is moving to the new design now too so we have the last or their packaging design to practically give away to you! 

And with less than 6 months shelf life remaining it must go this week!  Which means you can have it in our larger size tubes in this incredible offer. 

Order 1 and we give you 3!  YEP that's BUY ONE GET 2 MORE FOR FREE!  PLUS get our luxury tanning mitt AND our mini mitt! 

So what are you waiting for!  Only the packaging design is different so if you don't judge a tanner by the cover then you can grab a CRAZY BARGAIN!

Its the original high quality tanning made from 99% naturally derived ingredients with a delicious coconut scent.  The gorgeous white body butter sinks into your skin and develops to a beautiful natural tanned glow.  Want a deeper tan simply add more.  Our Gradual Tanner puts you in control of your tan. i

Paraben-free, sulfate free- suitable for vegans!

Happy Tanning! 

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