Buy one get one FREE 7-day tanner + mitts

Buy one get one FREE 7-day tanner + mitts

Iconic 7-day Tanner Offer is BACK - 1 week only!

What you get in every order delivered in just 1-3 business days:-

2  x 7-day tanner - that's right - YOU GET 2!!

1 x Luxury Body Mitt- BEST TAN application MITT IN THE UK!

1 x Exfoliating Mitt

PLUS EXTRA BONUS mini face mitts are being added to packages this week only!

7-day tanner - As seen on Dragons Den and recently voted the Best New Product by retailers in the USA! Skinny Tan 7-day tanner will change the way you TAN and look slimmer  The first to combine a new naturally gentle tanning agent with skin smoothing oils and firming guarana Skinny Tan 7-day Tanner is the only tanner that will visibly reduce cellulite as you tan.  

7-day tanner is a smooth hydrating body butter consistency with a built in guide bronzer for instant tanning that develops into a medium natural colour that lasts up to 7 days fading naturally with your natural skin turnover.

Best Tanning Mitts in the UK- 1 x BODY MITTS - protect hands and offer faster smoother tanning application.  Machine washable on a low heat.  Mitt colour is hot pink.

Exfoliating Prep and Correct Mitt! - One side to scrub and smooth skin invigorate blood circulation and the other to help remove tan. 

Want to know more?

Skinny Tan 7-day tanner is the only tanner that has been independently tested by leading consumer research facility Ayton Global- This is what they found -

90% agreed Skinny Tan smelt better than other tanners they tried

86% found that Skinny Tan was gentle on the skin and less drying

84% reported that Skinny Tan had smoothed skin ad disguised cellulite

That's why with Skinny Tan your results are guaranteed!

Buy today with confidence as all Skinny Tan products are covered by our no questions asked "Best Tan or your money back" GUARANTEE.  We just know you'll be glad you made the switch to the tanner that is good for your skin!




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