💥 FLASH SALE KIT + 5 FREE GIFTS! 💥 SAVE 70% Under £5 per item

💥 FLASH SALE KIT + 5 FREE GIFTS! 💥 SAVE 70% Under £5 per item


6 items for JUST £25 THE LOT.  Thats under £5 an item for high quality Skinny Tan ALL full size items included!

Your 6 piece Skinny Tan Kit includes ALL THIS!
💥BEST SELLER MOUSSE - An easy to apply whipped coconut foam for deep lasting tanning from 95% naturally derived ingredients formula! (choose original or dark from the drop down)
💥FREE INSTANT TANNER  A wash-off bronzing body sheen to glam up your tan on special nights out. Also includes hydrating oils and Guarana. Dries fast and results last 24 hours or until washed off.
💥FREE Gradual Tanner Mousse- A gorgeous coconut scented moisturiser with just enough tan to keep you topped up between mousse applications. 
💥FREE PRE-TAN PRIMER- a deeply exfoliating body dermabrasion in-shower cream to help reveal fresh smooth new skin and increase circulation to help visibly invigorate
💥FREE EXFOLIATING MITT - one side for tan removal- the other for creating a smooth glowing tan surface.


 Best Tan or your money back - no questions asked risk-free guarantee
Try it risk-free with our Best Tan or your money back guarantee.  Then hop onto Facebook and join the hundreds of people who share their best tan experience with Skinny Tan.


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