☀️HOT offer for the heatwave!☀️☀️

☀️HOT offer for the heatwave!☀️☀️

All the Glow without the Guilt! 

High SPF sun protection with 5* UVA protection & UVB protection + gradual tanning!  Cruelty Free and Ocean Safe!  No burning or damage!  Paraben-free, sulfate free products made with up to 99% naturally derived ingredients! 

Protect your skin with high SPF and gradually tan with this incredible Summer Bundle. 

Just look at what you get!! 

1) AMAZING! Protect and Glow Milk Spray  A high factor spf 50 sun protection Spray with a built in gradual tanner to help you build a tan as you add your protection.  
2) FREE Pre-tan Primer - a glorious in-shower microdermabrasion scrub that helps exfoliate away older and dead skin cells and create a smooth younger looking skin surface for flawless tanning application
3) LUXURY Dual Tanning Mitt - A luxurious double sided application mitt to help apply tan evenly and protect your hands as you tan. 
4) FREE  Holiday Sized  Wonder Serum 50ml - perfect for hand luggage with 2 full body applications of the incredible anti-aging iridescent tanning breakthrough that goes on easily and lasts for weeks  
5) FREE Face Moisturising Tanning Drops 30ml - add as many or as few of these concentrated tanning drops to your favourite day cream, moisturiser or sun protectioon cream to make it into a tanner!  
6) PLUS Mini mitts being added to packages TODAY! 


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