Maintain your holiday Glow and SAVE!

Maintain your holiday Glow and SAVE!

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The heat wave might be over but your tan can go on! 

This gorgeous kit is everything you need to maintain your glow from top to toe!

And as well as saving your tan it will also save you over 60% this weekend!  

Just look at what you get! 

1) Our iconic 7-day tanner made from 99% naturally derived ingredients and with a delicious coconut scent.  IT goes on instantly glowing tan and develops to a light to medium tan that lasts up to 7 days.  Super moisturising it helps keep your natural tan going while adding a bit more natural bronze

2) NEW Body Glow - the light refracting energising cream that works to even out skin tone and add a touch of tan- its like having special effects lighting right there on your skin! 

3) AFTER GLOW- A gorgeous hydrating moisturiser with that sits on the skin with a gorgeous translucent glow that makes your tan shine just like a model in a glossy magazine.

4)  Overnight Tan & Hydrate Mask 50ml- Did you wake up like that?  This anti-ageing super night mask sinks all the goodness into your skin while you sleep plus helps prevent skin dehydration and develops with just a touch of tan so you wake up glowing.  Who looks better when they just wake up?  Well now you do! 

5) Daily Superglow Highlighting Serum 50ml-  Not a tanner but a brightener to help create a beautiful smooth light reflective glow over your tan for that dewy glass skin effect.