NEW Body Glow Energising Skin Blur 250 ml

NEW Body Glow Energising Skin Blur 250 ml

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SORRY SOLD OUT HERE!  Why not try online or instore at Superdrug they usually try and keep it in stock?


Energising SKIN BLUR has arrived! 

Its just like a filter for your skin...

Imagine getting the same results as an Instagram filter right there on your skin!  Enter NEW Energising SKIN Blur a rich all over body conditioning cream that uses powerful naturally derived ingredients to help visibly reduce the appearance of blemishes and skin flaws.  

SKIN BLUR  is an easy to apply body cream with a very light gradual tan included.  But the best part is it is packed full of guarana +  Acai and Capuacu to help promote circulation plus naturally derived skin smoothing oils. 

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