ūüí•NEWūüí•Coconut Water Tanning Mist SUPER OFFER

ūüí•NEWūüí•Coconut Water Tanning Mist SUPER OFFER

2 NEW Releases in one SUPER OFFER. AND it now also includes our BEST SELLING GRADUAL TANNER + Deluxe mitt too!


Strictly limited introductory offer!  SAVE  50%.  

  • Made with 95% naturally derived ingredients
  • OFFER Includes 2 NEW products!¬† Our Coconut Water Tanning mist +¬†Instant tanner
  • +++ Also Includes Gradual Tanner, Gloss and¬†Application Mitt+++
  • Not tested on animals, gluten-free & suitable for Vegans
  • Spritz and glow for a flawless¬†lasting tan every time¬†- no need to rinse!
Step 1- coconut water + After sun care! + freebies galore!
WOW! LOOK at what you get:-
  1. NEW Skinny Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mist- An easy to apply lasting tanner packed full of all the hydration, toning and vitamin benefits of coconut water- simply spritz the clear mist all over your body-  no need to rinse - just shower, spritz and glow for a tan that lasts up to 14 days. 
  2. FREE- Instant Tanner 
  3. FREE GRADUAL TANNER- A delicious coconut cream moisturiser with 99% naturally derived ingredients to help top up your tan and keep it hydrated between full applications. 
  4. FREE AFTER GLOW GLOSS - a translucent hydrating glow that sits on the skin to give it an amzing model sheen.  
  5. BEST DELUXE Application mitt- helps smooth skin for smoother tanning application and removes dead and dull skin cells 

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