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Roll-on Tanned Toned Smooth Skin!  

NEW Skinny Tan Roller Tan and Mousse is the perfect duo for Fool-proof application-  

and that's GUARANTEED!

This offer includes:-

NEW ROLLER TAN- the fool-proof way to fast flawless tanning even in hard to reach places

BEST SELLER MOUSSE - No.1 Skinny Tan firming tanning mousse with results that last 14 days.

FREE AFTER GLOW GLOSS GIFT- our gorgeous after glow gloss that gives skin a youthful sheen and helps prolong the life of your tan.

Try it risk-free and at this special kit price with the confidence of our BEST TAN OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Want to know more?

Your Super Deal in Detail:-

Flawless, streak- free tanning just got EVEN easier! 

NEW Skinny Tan Roller Tan is the fool-proof way to seamless application of any tanner. 

This clever little roller with the super soft luxury tanning flock finish lets you roller mousse or cream tanners on quickly and evenly.  The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and maonouvre over body contours and the rolling top leaves no room for error.  The handle is just long enough to reach to over the shoulder and get the hard to reach mid back section. Removable heads are washable and re-usable!

2) Skinny Tan and Firm Mousse

For the most amazing results we are including Roller Tan in this offer with our No.1 Best Selling Mousse Tanner that combines not one but

Skinny Tan Mousse is the first natural tan and tone breakthrough that:-  

  • Applies in seconds.
  • Lasts up to 14 days. And never ever goes streaky.
  • Includes smoothing oils and firming guarana for cellulite

No orange- No harsh chemicals - no animal testing - Just gorgeous natural actives that are good for your skin.

NEW Skinny Tan Mousse combines not one but two green based certified natural tanning agents plus organic coconut for a delicious scent, organic Aloe Vera to help moisturise and of course the most popular cellulite active caffeine from naturally sourced Guarana Berries.

Skinny Tan Mousse applies so easily sinking all the Skinny Tan goodness into your skin in a light fluffy mousse formula with a guide colour for amazing INSTANT results that develops into a medium tan and lasts up to 14 days

Suitable for face and body.

3) After Glow Gloss

A Skin smoothing gloss that adds a model sheen to tanned skin so it looks like a models in a glossy magazine.

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