Leaping Bunny Celebration Offer! Leaping Bunny Celebration Offer!

Leaping Bunny Celebration Offer!

Bunnies are leaping for joy as Skinny Tan celebrates receiving international recognition of their cruelty-free tanners!  
And to celebrate we are bringing back our most popular, iconic 7-day tanner offer with Roller and FREE roller heads.  
7-day Tanner + New and Improved Roller!

In this you will receive:

2 x full size 7-Day Tanner tubes- Our iconic best seller

1 x Roller Tan Applicator +

3 x extra Roller heads if you order this week!


7-Day Tanner | As seen on Dragons Den!

7-day tanner is made with 99% naturally derived ingredients with a smooth hydrating body butter consistency and  a built in guide bronzer for instant tanning that develops into a medium natural colour that lasts up to 7 days fading naturally with your natural skin turnover.  AND with your luxury flock covered roller tanner you will get perfect streak free coverage every time!


Roller Tan -  Flawless, streak- free tanning just got EVEN easier! 

NEW and IMPROVED Skinny Tan Roller Tan is the fool-proof way to seamless application of any tanner. 

This clever little roller with the super soft luxury tanning flock finish lets you roller mousse or cream tanners on quickly and evenly.  The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and maonouvre over body contours and the rolling top leaves no room for error.  The handle is just long enough to reach to over the shoulder and get the hard to reach mid back section. Removable heads are washable and re-usable!  PLUS THIS DEAL INCLUDES 3 EXTRA Roller heads

Buy today with confidence as all Skinny Tan products are covered by our no questions asked "Best Tan or your money back" GUARANTEE.  




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