Thigh High Tan and tone super offer!

Thigh High Tan and tone super offer!


If you can't tone it Skinny Tan it- now with our NEW CELLULITE Circulation dry body BRUSH included in this THIGH HIGH Kit.  HURRY LIMITED AVAILABLE! 

Results are guaranteed!  IF you are not instantly happy with your results simply return it to us for a full refund BUT you get to keep our extra Instant Tanner freebie as a gift just for trying our Thigh High kit today! 

Thinking thighs?  Our thigh high kit is for you!   This kit includes our Bum Booster, 7-day tanner with guarana, Instant Tanner AND now our NEW CELLULITE circulation dry body Brush so you can feel thigh high in minutes with results that may cosmetically disguise the visible appearance of cellulite and your tan lasts up to 7 days straight! 

Incredible Value Thigh High Kit includes:-  

NEW Cellulite Circulation Dry Body Brush -  for dry brushing your skin with firm bristles to give your skin a thorough exfoliation and pressure massage nodules to stimulate your circulation.

ICONIC 7-day tanner - Made with 99% naturally derived ingredients this popular tanning cream goes instantly bronze and lasts for up to 7 days fading naturally.  If you can't tone it why not tan those white cottage cheese to cosmetically disguise the appearance of celluite instead

NEW Bum Booster - an active hydrating body butter packed full of guarana + Brazilian Acai and Capuacu and amazing Creatine to help promote circulation plus naturally derived skin smoothing oils to help keep that backside looking smoothly bootalicious and feeling soft as a baby's behind.

SUPER BONUS Instant Tanner - A gel body bronzer cosmetic that offers a tanned glow while helping cover up and cosmetically disguise the visible appearance of surface blemishes and cellulite

Roller Tan - A fast easy way to get a super even tan with our 7-day and Instant Tanner. Can help reach around to hard to reach places and protect palms of the hands from tanning. 

LUXE MITT - Our No.1 tanning tool, luxury mitt for fast tan application