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5 Amazing Skinny Tan Fans On Learning To Love Their Bodies

5 Amazing Skinny Tan Fans On Learning To Love Their Bodies

You may remember a little while ago we teamed up with You At Yours to offer five Skinny Tan fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in a body confidence photoshoot. The day was emotional, inspiring and humbling - and we got to meet five amazing ladies and hear their reasons for entering the competition...


After experiencing some big life changes, Sarah was ready to feel good about herself: "I never put myself first. I had zero confidence. The experience from start to finish has been absolutely fantastic; I can't really put it into words. Just having these photos to look back on and feel empowered when you're having a rubbish day means so much."

Our BODY CONFIDENCE photoshoot has made all the difference... And a little Skinny Tan helps too:

"Having ginger hair and freckles means I don't like the sun! My tan gives me an extra bit of confidence to go out and face the world."

Sarah is wearing Moisture Mousse Express, developed overnight.


Ewa wanted to 'make a statement' after hitting 40 and living with scoliosis.

"All my life I was lacking self confidence, always choosing the 'right' clothing to make my scoliosis less visible. But since using Skinny Tan I suddenly became more confident!"

The results of our BODY CONFIDENCE photoshoot are stunning.

"The day was amazing. I felt incredible, beautiful, sexy... And a tan makes me feel sexy too!"

Ewa is wearing Moisture Mousse Express.


Last year Nisa underwent weight loss surgery, so she's on a journey to fall in love with her body again.

Here's how she felt after our BODY CONFIDENCE photoshoot: "The whole experience was so empowering. It was just AMAZING!"

And she loves her tan: "I'm the queen of tanning amongst my friends! It just makes me feel like my skin tone is better, like I'm glowing, just so much more confident."

Nisa is wearing our Self-Tan Mousse in Dark.


Libby suffers with body dysmorphic disorder, so our BODY CONFIDENCE photoshoot was an opportunity for her to see herself more positively:

"I wanted to have photos to look back on when I’m having a low confidence day and not feeling myself... I wanted to be able to look back on them and remember how I felt in that moment.

Without a tan I’ve got zero confidence, but the minute I put my tan on I feel amazing; I can go out without any makeup, just my natural Skinny Tan glow.

The shoot has been the BEST experience! I haven’t stopped smiling. I was so nervous, but having done it, it made me feel like a whole new person - so confident and amazing!"

Libby is wearing Moisture Mousse Express with a top up of Dark Choc Instant Tan Melt.


"Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It took my breast, it took my hair and it took my confidence. I needed to find me again.

I had the most incredible day, and I finally feel like I'm back. I love tanning - it just makes me feel better and gives me so much confidence."

*We're not crying, YOU'RE crying!* 

Diane is wearing Wonder Serum.

With thanks to Merv at You At Yours for capturing such beautiful images!

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