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New Tan Products & Accessories

The signature glow you know and love just keeps getting better! Indulge your skin with the latest in self-tanning innovation. Achieve a natural, radiant complexion with our newest range of face tan serums, gradual tan moisturisers, self tanning drops and more.

Still need a little help finding your favourite glow? Check out our helpful hints & tips to find your perfect tan.

If you're one of the lucky ones to have your favourites picked out already, find out just how best to apply your chosen products in our fake tan application guide.

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Skinny Tan Your Perfect Glow Gift Set Image including the Self Tanning Whip (Medium), 1 Day Instant Tanner, Miracle Brush, Dual Application Mitt and Tik Tok viral beauty bag
Skinny Tan Your Perfect Glow Collection product image
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Skinny Tan Your Perfect Glow Collection Gift Set

1 review
limited edition
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Cherry Face & Body Tanning Drops 30ml

2 reviews
limited edition
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Limited Edition Birthday Cupcake Self-Tanning Whip 150ml

37 reviews

Self Tanning Whip 150ml

67 reviews
39% Off

Self-Tanning Whip Mega Bundle

7 reviews
Skinny Tan Instant 1 Day Tanner Product Image
Skinny Tan 1 Day Instant Tanner Before & After Results Image
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1 Day Instant Tanner 100ml

14 reviews
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Body Buffing Wonder Brush

7 reviews
19% Off
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The Perfect Together Bundle

12 reviews

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