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The Expert Tanner’s MUST-HAVE Tool: Introducing Our NEW Body Buffing Wonder Brush

The Expert Tanner’s MUST-HAVE Tool: Introducing Our NEW Body Buffing Wonder Brush

Creating the perfect fake tan that looks natural and sunkissed isn't just down to the product you choose; it's also down to the tools you use and your application technique!

Our tanning accessories are some of the most celebrated out there, because they really do make all the difference to your final result – and now there’s a new addition to our expert tanning kit that’s about to make tanning even easier...


Meet our NEW Body Buffing Wonder Brush!

A must-have tool in your self tanning kit, this super sized brush features an ultra soft and ergonomically shaped brush head to make buffing in your fave tan a breeze.

The unique short, dense and domed vegan bristles have been designed to follow the contours of the body and help beautifully blend tan into skin for an airbrushed finish.

Perfect for finishing your tanning routine or working in harmony with our best-selling application mitt, it effortlessly blends any self-tan for a perfect finishing touch.

A person applying Skinny Tan's 1 Day Instant Tanner with the new Body Buffing Brush 

Loved by our expert

“It’s another super useful accessory from Skinny Tan to help you achieve your most flawles finish. The dense, yet super soft, bristles help to perfectly blend any tan and give you all the control you need to finish your tan with ease. I love to use this with serums, oils and especially instant tanners. When you’re using clear formulas it’s another handy tool at your disposal to ensure you’re getting to all those hard to reach places; you’ll never miss a patch again! This is now an essential in my tanning kit.”

Our Body Buffing Wonder Brush is exclusively available from our website priced £14.99.


Meet our other must-have tools for your tanning kit

Dual Fake-Tanning Mitt (£6.99)

This double-sided velvet tanning mitt gives a flawless, streak-free tan every time by evenly distributing and blending your tan into the skin. Thanks to the seam-free design, there will be no streaks or lines in sight - just a perfect finish. Our best self tanning mitt also protects your palms from any staining thanks to the waterproof lining, making your life so much simpler! Plus, it’s machine washable so there’s no excuse to tan with a dirty mitt.

Back Applicator (£11.99)

With our Back Tan Applicator you'll finally be able to get all those hard-to-reach places with ease. Simply add your self-tanner to the centre of the back tanning mitt, fold the applicator to distribute, hold either side of the applicator handles and blend. Less human pretzel, more elegant, streak-free application. Genius!

Miracle Brush (£9.99)

The ultra soft and ergonomically shaped tanning brush makes self-tan application on smaller trouble areas such as hands, feet, face and neck super easy. The unique angled brush shape allows for easy application on hard to reach areas and creases, while the premium, ultra-soft synthetic bristles effortlessly blend self-tanning products into the skin for a flawless, streak-free looking tan.

Exfoliating Mitt (£7.99)

This tanning hero has been called a "fake tanning must-have" by The Independent and it's clear to see why with over 800 5 star reviews! Kick start your tanning routine with the perfect skin prep and ensure a streak-free tan every single time. Use the brown side of the mitt to remove fake tan and create a smooth surface for a fresh layer, and use the orange side for gentle daily exfoliation to extend the life of your tan.

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