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Not Sure What Glow To Go For? Message Our Team!

Not Sure What Glow To Go For? Message Our Team!

We know that finding the perfect tan for your needs can be a little overwhelming and confusing - especially if you're new to tanning. Do you want an instant, gradual or longer lasting result? Which texture do you opt for? What product will work with your skin tone?

Skinny Tan's portfolio of products has been specifically designed to help new tanning enthusiasts navigate your way through the journey, and overcome traditional barriers that may have have put you off in the first place!

Our products are SO easy to use, smell INCREDIBLE and leave a result so NATURAL that nobody will ever know you're faking it. PLUS, we've got a range of accessories to help you apply, buff and blend with ease for a streak-free result every single time.

We've got lots of tools to help ensure your tanning experience is a positive one, but we know that it can still be a bit scary to take a leap into the unknown. Which is why we've launched our TAN MATCHING SERVICE!

Not sure what glow to go for? No problem.

Just message one of our team (via Facebook or Instagram DM) with your questions and concerns, and they'll be happy to make a bespoke recommendation of where to start. For the perfect match we suggest including:
1. Your experience level of tanning
2. Your natural skin tone and how dark you would like to go
3. Any preference on texture or format i.e. a mousse or a serum

That's it! Just slide into our DMs and we'll do the rest - with no obligation to buy whatsoever.

See you there!

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