How To Tan Your Face: All The Expert Tips You Need!

How To Tan Your Face: All The Expert Tips You Need!

Three Easy Ways To Achieve A Glowing Complexion

You may feel like you’ve nailed your fake tan routine already, but have you ever thought about how best to create a glowing golden complexion too?

Forgetting to tan your face is like leaving the house with two different shoes on your feet: it looks odd, people are going to ask what’s going on, and you won’t feel your best!

So how do you effortlessly create a glowing complexion to complement your tan?

In the same way you’d prepare your body for tanning with some simple steps, when it comes to your face it’s always a great idea to exfoliate and moisturise the day before to ensure skin is smooth and hydrated. Do any plucking or facial treatments well in advance too, and ensure your complexion is clean and dry.

Once you’re sorted, there are three easy ways you can achieve a beautifully radiant complexion and fake tan your face effortlessly.


If you’re worried about achieving a perfect colour match, then you can use the same tan you’ve used on the rest of your body.

Never apply a dollop direct; instead, use leftover tan from the mitt to gently cover these areas and ensure a super natural and streak-free finish. Don’t forget to blend around the hairline, neck and ears! 


Our Face Tanning Drops are the perfect way to take control and achieve your desired colour result, while making face tanning part of your every day routine.

Simply mix a few drops with your usual moisturiser and apply to clean skin, morning or night. A beautiful tan will develop over 6-8 hours, and your skin will be left feeling ultra soft and hydrated thanks to nourishing ingredients.


If you’re after something more targeted, then we have some great Skinny Tan solutions.

Our Notox Beauty Elixir helps to smooth and plump the skin, while the in-built gradual tan provides a radiant, healthy looking and glowing complexion. The innovative formula targets facial expression lines for an instant anti-aging & skin tightening effect, with self-tanning actives for a gradual, buildable glow.

Our FACE Daily Gradual Tan is the perfect combination of every day moisturiser with built-in gradual tan, helping to hydrate the skin whilst building a natural sunkissed glow. With skin nourishing ingredients and a delicious scent, it’s a super easy way to keep your complexion looking as glowing as the rest of you.


1. If you’re fair haired, it’s always a good idea to apply a little moisturiser to your hairline and eyebrows to prevent any unwanted change of colour. Always better to be safe than sorry!

2. You may want to change your shade of base or foundation to match your new found glow! Or even better, you may now have the confidence to go foundation free…

3. The cleansers, toners and skincare products you use are likely to speed up the fading process, so you may have to apply facial tan more often than you do to your body.

4. Don’t be afraid to combine different solutions or alternate products throughout the week. It’s all about finding what works for you!

5. Our ultra-soft ergonomically shaped Miracle Brush is the perfect tool to help blend your fave facial product and achieve a flawless flowing finish.

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