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Added Value Tanning: Spending Wisely For The Perfect GLOW!

Added Value Tanning: Spending Wisely For The Perfect GLOW!

We get it. Everything is SO expensive right now, and we’re all having to make difficult choices… BUT if you can’t bear to part with your 365 glow, then we’ve got some amazing affordable tanning must-haves that make the math work better!




THE TAN THAT LASTS UP TO 2 WEEKS: Tan & Tone Oil (£24.99)

Our luxurious easy-to-use dry oil formula is now SUPERCHARGED with skin toning and firming ingredients, to deliver your most natural looking and skin-loving glow EVER. Hydrate, blur, tone and even skin in a spritz, and enjoy results for up to 2 weeks*. Perfect for new or nervous tanners, and your easiest tanning experience – guaranteed!



Our ICONIC Body Glow helps to hydrate and soothe skin for results you'll love - day after day. The super light, skin-kind formula glides over the skin and applies so easily, while building a beautiful everyday glow with a delicious coconut and vanilla scent. Fast absorbing and non-sticky, it's perfect for new tanners or experts alike. A tanner's best kept secret, our bumper size goes a long way!


A YEAR’S WORTH IN A BOTTLE: Notox Face Tanning Drops (£19.99)

Achieve makeup-free confidence and a sun-kissed glow 365 days a year, and be safe in the knowledge that this one little concentrated bottle contains a year’s supply** of sunshine! Our concentrated luxurious Face Tanning Drops are so simple to use. Transform your daily skincare and makeup into a hydrating gradual tanner, now boosted with the skin firming and toning benefits of Vegan Collagen.


THE TAN PROLONGER: After Glow Gloss (£14.99)

You’ll fall in love with this hydrating finishing gloss that effortlessly adds a beautiful sheen to your skin – while helping to nourish and keep your glow for longer. Your tan will pop and skin will be left feeling incredible. Apply to arms, legs, décolletage and even cheekbones for a naturally radiant result. Luxe skin is in, and this is your secret weapon! 


THE MITT THAT NEVER NEEDS REPLACING: Luxe Application Mitt (£7.99)

This double-sided velvet tanning mitt creates a flawless, streak-free result every time. Thanks to the seam-free design, there will be no streaks or lines in sight - just a perfect finish. Our best self tanning mitt also protects your palms from any staining thanks to the waterproof lining, plus it’s machine washable so you can just chuck it in the machine. It lasts SO long you’ll never need another. (Probably!)


*Independent consumer study conducted in January 2022, based on 2 applications 48hrs apart.

**based on 3 drops mixed into chosen product and used every other day

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