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Everything You Need To Know About Our Ambassador Liberty Poole

Everything You Need To Know About Our Ambassador Liberty Poole

She stole our hearts in the Love Island villa and is about to skate right into prime time TV thanks to her appearance on Dancing On Ice… Skinny Tan is SO excited about our partnership with the nation’s newest sweetheart, Liberty Poole! 

Want to get to know her a little better? Read on...

How does fake tan make you feel? 

As someone who struggles to tan naturally, for me using fake tan is a better and safer option than sunbeds - and much better for your skin and body. Using fake tan makes me feel more confident; I love it. Everyone that knows me knows that I use fake tan all the time – because I can’t catch a natural tan!

What’s your relationship with fake tan like? 

Throughout the years I’ve always been a fake tanner, but my relationship has definitely been temperamental! One time, when I was working at Nando’s, I put on a layer of fake tan on underneath my makeup so it would develop while I worked. I thought, “great, I’ll be ready to go out afterwards!” 

But the fake tan I used turned green! Everyone was making jokes about how I looked like Shrek because of how green I was!

So for me using a tan brand that has a natural look to it is really important, which is why I’ve used Skinny Tan for so many years now. 

What’s your fake tan routine?  
It’s all in the prep, so I’ll shave and moisturise before I put my tan on. I always apply it at least the night before I’m going out and keep it on for about eight hours to get the darkest result. I struggle to get some tans off, but with Skinny Tan it’s much easier to remove when you want to re-apply, and gives me a much more natural look. That’s why it’s much better for me than other brands and I’ve been using it for so long! 

What’s important to you when you’re choosing a fake tan?

It has to smell good. Skinny Tan smells incredible! Especially the Coconut and Strawberry tans which are just delicious.  

I always look for a tan that gives you a nice healthy glow and one that doesn’t streak or make your skin look like tiger bread! 

It’s also important to be easy to get off, and easy to get on – particularly as I like to reapply regularly. And I like to use products that are full of natural and skin-loving ingredients, so I know I’m looking after my skin at the same time as applying my tan! 

Skinny Tan ticks all these boxes for me and more. 

What do you love most about the coconut range? 

I love the clear formula! Everyone has had the trouble of putting on a white dress and getting fake tan on it, or finding it’s all over your bed sheets the next day. 

Not only does it have an incredible coconut scent, but it’s so easy to use and so convenient for day to day life. I can just apply and go! 

The added bonus is that it’s made with up to 97% naturally derived ingredients, is super hydrating and is vegan friendly – so I know I’m putting great stuff on my skin. 

How do you look after your skin and keep your holiday glow for longer? 

Moisturiser is key to keep your skin hydrated and stop your tan (natural or otherwise!) from fading too fast. Because I struggle to get a natural tan, wearing fake tan helps me keep that glow as my natural tan fades quite quickly when I come off holiday… I’m straight back onto the bottle. 

What are your three must have beauty products? 

Ruby Woo MAC Lipstick – I love a red lippie! 
I love lashes. I’ve always got lashes on. 
And a fake tan – it definitely helps on makeup free days!

How do you get ready for a night out? 

We all love a fake tan Thursday, so I’ll tan on a Thursday before the weekend! 

On the day I’ll moisturise everywhere, put my hair in pin curls and keep them on while I do my makeup. I spritz a bit of perfume and I’m ready to go!  


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