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Everything Liberty Loves About Christmas

Everything Liberty Loves About Christmas

It's the season to get your glow on, ready for festive parties and celebrations with loved ones, and we couldn't be more excited! To celebrate, we chatted to our Skinny Tan ambassador Liberty Poole about her favourite Christmas things - and the one Skinny Tan product she'll be giving to all her girlfriends this year...

What do you love most about the festive season? 

I love the Christmas markets, going with my friends to try all the different foods and get in the festive mood. Every year is different now because my family is spread out, but I used to go out every Christmas Eve with my mates for a few drinks. I’m getting 10 days off from Dancing On Ice training at Christmas this year and I’m looking forward to the break to catch up with everyone!   

How do you get ready for a Christmas party? 

It’s all in the prep, so I’ll shave and moisturise before I put my tan on. I always apply it at least the night before I’m going out and keep it on for about eight hours to get the darkest result! On the day I pin curl my hair, apply my makeup and try and get a Christmas hat to wear with a sparkly red dress! I like to do full on glam, with a bit of glittery gold eyeshadow and lots of highlighter; I also love a bit of After Glow Gloss as a finishing touch to help my skin stay moisturised and glisten.  

What tan is your favourite for glowing all the way to NYE? 

I really love the Coconut Water range because it gives me such a natural glow, but I’ll be reaching for the Wonder Serum this holiday season as it’s a bit darker and the guide colour is so beautiful and shimmery! I love the fact it doesn’t transfer and it lasts a long time too.  

Do you have any tips to help your skin glisten? 

With tanning it’s so important to look after your skin and use a moisturiser, and the Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss feels so nice on the skin. It also leaves a really nice sheen that catches the light – it’s great for shins, cheek bones and décolletage as a final step too. 

I really love the Notox Beauty Elixir and Notox Face Tanning Drops too, which add a really nice healthy glow to my face. They’re great for layering and building on each other; I’ve been using three different Skinny Tan products on my face before bed!   

What one Skinny Tan product would you love to find in your stocking? 

One of the best products is the Back Applicator! That’s just saved so many awkward positions I get into while trying to do my tan. It’s a life saver.  

Which Skinny Tan favourite will you be gifting all your girlfriends this Christmas? 

The Coconut Water range – because my mates have the same issues as I do, getting tan on their sheets and clothes! Not only does it have an incredible coconut scent, but the clear formula it’s so easy to use and so convenient for day to day life. I can just apply and go!  


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