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Liberty Skates Her Way Into Dancing On Ice (Wearing Skinny Tan Of Course!)

Liberty Skates Her Way Into Dancing On Ice (Wearing Skinny Tan Of Course!)

Ahead of her debut on ITV's Dancing On Ice, we caught up with Skinny Tan ambassador and long-term fan Liberty Poole to find out all her insider secrets and tanning tips...

What’s your tanning routine been ahead of Dancing On Ice?

My tanning routine is always exfoliate, moisturise and shave the day before I tan. It's all about that base! Then I’ll use the Wonder Serum, which I love because of its super natural dark colour, or if I'm in a rush I'll use the Moisture Mousse Express which I only need to leave on for a few hours! Moisture Mousse Express is also the best for show costumes, as it doesn't transfer and is sweat proof.

How important is it to you for your tan to look amazing while on Dancing On Ice?

It’s very important to me. Being on national TV means I want to look and feel confident and have a healthy glow. I've got Skinny Tan to rely on though..!

Do you have a different tanning routine for training days?

If you haven’t got any tan or makeup on the Notox Beauty Elixir gives you an instant tan which is quite light and natural. It gives me a healthy glow as well as moisturising my skin, which is perfect for when I'm training.

What are you most excited about on the show?

I love the adrenaline rush before a performance, learning the new routines, learning a new skill and completely stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Have you been giving the other contestants tanning tips?

I surprised them all with some Skinny Tan goodies so they are all showtime ready!

Are there any tips or tricks you have for feeling confident?

My top tips for feeling confident are to always believe in yourself, and don’t listen to other people because your opinion matters the most! I would also say don’t look for other people’s approval because confidence comes from within.

How do you ensure you feel confident when you’re wearing the Dancing On Ice costumes, that are notoriously tight and small?!

If you’re confident in your own skin it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing! I’d rather eat a bowl of pasta than have a six pack, just do you boo!

How do you deal with the often negative comparison culture of Instagram?

Everybody is different and individual in their own ways. It's a shame because everybody should be able to be themselves and show their personality without being judged! I have learnt that when people direct hate or negativity at someone there is something about them that they see in you; this triggers a response you feel the need to knock them down or impose an opinion. Before commenting on someone else’s appearance ask yourself: am I okay, am I happy?

The winter months, especially January are notorious for the blues - how do you feel good and positive during this time?

I’m generally a very positive person, life is too short, and we only get one life! I like to be a positive energy for people to be around and I bring the fun out of everyone.

If there is one piece of advice you would give to a friend who needs a little help with getting their glow (confidence) back what would it be?

I would tell them to be themselves, love the skin they’re in and to put some Skinny Tan on!

Catch Liberty on Dancing On Ice, Saturdays @ 6.30pm on ITV.


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