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A Facial Tan That Actually Cares For, Hydrates & Boosts Skin? We've Got You!

A Facial Tan That Actually Cares For, Hydrates & Boosts Skin? We've Got You!

Fake-tan is the perfect way to achieve an all year-round glow, but there's often the preconception that fake-tan can play havoc with your skin and leave it feeling dull and dry. We’re here to de-bunk that! 
For all you skincare addicts , you’ll be delighted to know that our products are PACKED with skin-loving ingredients such a Q10, Hyaluronic Acid and even Retinol.  
We’ve put together a quick guide on our most loved facial products, so you can fast track your way to your new, glowy self:

I want to... Target signs of ageing and improve my overall complexion:

Get the Skinny Tan glow you know and love with the extra added bonus of skin-loving ingredients with our Notox skincare range. Packed with plumping and nourishing elements such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Retinol, this range is perfect for people looking to improve their overall complexion with the benefit of a gradual tan. 

Try our Notox Face Tanning Drops combined with your favourite moisturiser, serum or foundation for a natural glow in just 6-8 hours. This totally customisable facial tan will seamlessly slip into your existing routine whilst quenching your skin with hydrating Guarana. 

Looking to go make-up free? Enjoy a radiant glowing complexion with our Notox Beauty Elixir. Suitable for all skin types, this innovative formula targets facial expression lines for instant anti-aging & skin tightening effect. Just apply and go!

If you’re looking to tackle signs of anti-ageing or improve scaring and texture, then introducing a Retinol based product into your routine may be a gamechanger. Presenting our newest addition to the Notox range, Notox Dream Serum! Formulated with Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid, this serum can be used 2-3 times a week to achieve a more youthful and glowing complexion in just 6 weeks. 

NOTE: Begin by using only once or twice a week. Increase gradually when skin is tolerating the active ingredients and no irritation is experienced.​ Daily SPF sun-cream is essential after using any retinol based product. ​

I want to… Target dehydrated, dull skin:

No one likes a dull, dry complexion, so we’ve created the perfect product to tackle just that. Our brand-new Coconut Water Bronzing Face Mist is a daily hydrating and luminosity-boosting spritz of coconut magic, that gradually develops into a natural golden glow over 6-8 hours.

Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid which acts a moisture magnet for dewier, more luminous looking skin, and Vitamin C which aids in your skin's natural regeneration process for a brighter complexion. But the benefits don't stop there - our natural Vitamin E and antioxidant Q10 ingredients mean this face tanning mist can be used as part of your daily regime for a healthier-looking, radiant glow…*immediately adds to basket!*

I want to…brighten and illuminate my skin:

Transform your daily skincare products into a hydrating gradual tanner with our Tan & Tone Face Tanning Wonder Drops. Just add your chosen amount of drops into your daily serums or moisturisers for a beautifully radiant result that develops over 6-8 hours.  The more drops you use, the deeper the glow! These drops are brimming with Anti-Ageing Q10, skin firming Organic Blackberry Leaf, anti-oxidant Vitamin E – so a few drops is all you really need for a flawlessly bronzed and radiant complexion. 

With so many amazing products to choose from, which will you be integrating into your daily skincare regime?


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