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Perfectly Set Your Tan in SECONDS! Get set and GO GIRL!

Perfectly Set Your Tan in SECONDS! Get set and GO GIRL!

You spoke, we listened: our best selling Dry Mist Finishing Spray is now available SUPERSIZED  

No more waiting around for your tan to dry. No more waving your arms in the air trying to fan away those sticky bits!  

Our first-of-its-kind Dry Mist Finishing Spray sets your tan and removes any stickiness after any self-tan application, meaning you can get dressed and get on with your day – fast. 

This magical powder formula is non-drying and distributes a lightweight veil over your skin to set your tan, PLUS help prevent colour transfer from heat or sweat. So, guess what? You'll be feeling fresh and comfortable, and smelling like delicious coconuts.

Loved by thousands of women already, pop this on before bed, on a hot day or when you just don't have the time to let your tan dry! 

You spoke and we listened: this best selling tanning must-have is now available in a SUPER SIZE can to keep your tanning routine quick, easy and sticky-free for longer. 


“Girls you NEED to try this! Absolute game changer!” @fayeelizabethharrison

“Your new tanning best friend! It’s a lifesaver for me as I hate waiting for tan to dry before dressing.” @mmadiwilliams

“I was so sure I had my tanning routine down to a fine art. But there was something missing. Dry Mist Finishing Spray is a lightweight, breathable mist that helps prevent transfer caused by sweat or heat. Genius!” @sophiescribbles

“This dry velvety touch mist removes all stickiness of your freshly applied tan and locks in your bronzed bod instantly, meaning you can get straight into your jeans, gym gear (or if you’re like me) bed!” @thelifeofgeorgiaphelps

“Bit of a game changer I feel in the self tanning world!” @pricelesslifeofmine

“You can now give yourself a spray, get dressed straight away and go about your day!” @littlecupofkindness 


Love Islander, Dancing On Ice contestant and the nation’s newest sweetheart Liberty Poole loves our Dry Mist Finishing Spray. 

“One of the problems I’ve had with tanning in the past is feeling sticky afterwards. The Skinny Tan Dry Mist Finishing Spray sorts this completely; you just spray it on and you’re ready to go! It’s a staple in my tanning kit and I use every single time.”  


"This is the ideal product for removing any post tanning stickiness and with its magical powder-like formula, it leaves a lightweight veil over your skin to prevent colour transfer. It’s the one product I use on every client, and I’m always sending them home with a can as they’re so impressed!”  Claire Lambert, Skinny Tan Expert.


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