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Our Emergency Tanning Hotline is here to fix all your tanning mistakes!

Our Emergency Tanning Hotline is here to fix all your tanning mistakes!

We’ve all been there… No matter how many TikTok videos you’ve swiped through to swat up on insider tips, it’s easy to find yourself at the wrong end of a tanning mishap. 

Whether it’s orange palms, streaky legs, patchy bits or mis-matching your face to your body, we know how embarrassing it can be when it doesn’t quite go to plan. 

Creating a flawless tan isn't hard when you know how (and here at Skinny Tan we’re all about making your tanning process as quick, easy and enjoyable as possible!) you just need to put aside a little extra time to perfect your glow - and some insider knowledge. 

That’s why we've have launched an EMERGENCY TANNING HOTLINE! 

Skinny Tan’s resident tanning expert, Claire Lambert, is on hand to solve ALL your tanning disasters and share her top tips and insider tricks to ensure your glow is absolute perfection. 

And the best part is, she’s only at the end of a WhatsApp message!  

Got a burning tanning question? Want to know the answer to your constant conundrum? Need a quick fix when things have gone wrong? Drop Claire a message and she’ll get back to you in a flash with her best tanning tips, hacks, expert advice and product recommendations to make your weekly tanning sesh as stress and streak-free as possible. 

SEND US A WHATSAPP: 07951 312215 

To get you started on the way to tanning nirvana, here are Claire’s TOP THREE TANNING TIPS to help you get your best glow ever…  

TIP 1: Good Preparation. Remove hair 24 hours before, exfoliate using Skinny Tan’s Miracle Tan Eraser and Exfoliating Mitt in the shower to create a fresh canvas, and apply moisturiser to dry areas (including ankles, knees, elbows and hands.)   

TIP 2: Correct Application. Always wear gloves or use a tanning mitt, as this will reduce the chances of any errors and will also protect your hands from staining. For hands and feet, I'd always recommend using Skinny Tan's Miracle Brush to help buff the tan in flawlessly. And wear loose fitting clothing during the development time! 

TIP 3: Post Tan Preservation. Moisturise every day to prolong the life of your tan and help it fade naturally; remember, a tan lasts longer on hydrated skin! You can also use a daily gradual tanner to keep the colour topped up - I personally love the Body Glow Lotion or Wonder Serum Gradual Tanner for a little extra depth.

“I adore Skinny Tan because they offer the most natural looking tans with the nicest, skin-loving ingredients…”  

Meet Claire’s Current Top 3 Product Picks  

Peach Whipped Self-Tanner (£22.99)  
“The buildable colour is fabulous, and is perfect for using as a top-up tanner too - I love to use this over other tans to help boost my colour result and keep my glow lasting longer.”    

Coconut Water Bronzing Face Mist  (£22.99)  
“This smells divine, leaves my skin feeling great and it’s an absolute game changer for misting over your face when you need a glow-up. I even love spritzing it over hands and feet to give you a ‘spray tan’ effect finish!”  

Tan Eraser  (£24.99)  
“This revolutionary tan remover makes perfecting your tan even easier! Thoroughly exfoliating your body and removing old tan with the Miracle Tan Eraser will leave you with the perfect base for fresh tanning, and help you keep your glow for longer.”  


(NB: All queries, pictures and responses sent as part of our Emergency Tanning Hotline may be used within future social content and remain the property of Skinny Tan.)

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