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Spritz, Glow & Go: Our Best-Selling Tan & Tone Oil, Now SUPERCHARGED

Spritz, Glow & Go: Our Best-Selling Tan & Tone Oil, Now SUPERCHARGED

This is the vegan fake tan your skin has been crying out for…

Our NEW & IMPROVED luxurious Tan & Tone Oil provides an easy and fast way to achieve a streak-free, natural looking tan – while simultaneously caring for your skin.

The best-selling fan favourite Skinny Tan oil formula has now been SUPERCHARGED to help tone and improve skin elasticity, while helping to regain your skin’s lost firmness. The luxurious self tan oil also helps to blur the appearance of uneven skin tone, cellulite and stretchmarks, while providing long-lasting hydration for skin that looks instantly healthier. What’s not to love?

Thanks to a lightweight formula that instantly melts into your skin with no need to rinse, you can get dressed straight after application; the soft-as-silk formula will add an instant glow that develops into a long-lasting natural colour. Just spritz, glow and go!

With no orange tones, no fake tan smell and no faff, this bestselling vegan self tanner will keep your skin hydrated as well as beautifully tanned all year round. It’s PERFECT for new or cautions tanners! Bonus - enjoy the results for up to two weeks thanks to our long-lasting formula!

With a raspberry based keto sugar Erythrulose plus new penetration enhancers to aid the depth of colour and speed of tanning, this self tanning mist boasts the latest in superior tanning technology. Enriched with powerful skin-loving ingredients (including Poppyseed, Coconut Oil and Guarana Extract,) to hydrate, stimulate and tone the skin, this is so much more than just a self-tanner. It’s a fake tan oil you won’t want to live without!  

Suitable for both face and body, and made from over 90% naturally derived ingredients, Tan & Tone oil can easily be layered to darken your tan or maintain colour. Vegan friendly, cruelty free and suitable for all skin types, this tan oil is the new way to glow!  

We’re confident you’ll LOVE the results of this fake tan spray – and your skin will feel amazing.


Poppyseed: Helps to regain skin’s firmness.

Coconut Oil: For skin hydration, nourishment and suppleness. 

Guarana Extract: Aids blood flow to skin and help reduce the appearance of imperfections.  

Erythrulose: A raspberry based DHA alternative to provide a lasting bronzed glow.


STEP 1: Hop in the shower and exfoliate skin thoroughly. Moisturise dry areas.

: Spritz directly onto skin and buff in using circular motions with a clean, dry mitt.

: Wait until touch dry before dressing. No need to rinse!

STEP 4: Allow tan to develop for 6-8 hours before showering. Re-apply until you reach your desired result.


99% agreed Tan & Tone Oil was hydrating on their skin

91% agreed Tan & Tone Oil made their skin appear more toned

95% agreed Tan & Tone Oil helped blur the appearance of uneven skin tone 

96% agreed Tan & Tone Oil made their skin looked more healthy 

96% agreed Tan & Tone Oil made them feel more confident

95% agreed their skin appearance was improved



*Independent consumer study conducted in January 2022

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