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Welcome To ‘The Glow Up Project’ 💕

Welcome To ‘The Glow Up Project’ 💕

Skinny Tan started as a true home grown tanning brand, created by real women for real women. Our founders were driven by a passion to create a range of tanning products that could be enjoyed by every shape, size and skin type – to help women (and men!) feel good every single day.

Because everyone feels better with a tan...

Here at Skinny Tan we’re all about body confidence, not body perfection, and we know the last year has been tough on us all.

Many of us have experienced a change in our routines, our mental wellbeing and our bodies as multiple lockdowns and ongoing restrictions prevented us doing many of the things that helped us feel like ourselves.

We know we’re not the complete solution, but we’re here to help you on your way to feeling good again. We want to set you up for success, we want you to feel the best you can, and we’ve got the tools to help! 💕

We’ve teamed up with confidence coach and mental health advocate Victoria Spence (@victorianiamh) to kick off our campaign, and she’ll be sharing some of her top tips and words of wisdom over the coming months.

Join us on the Skinny Tan Instagram page (@SkinnyTanHQ) on Tuesday 10th August @ 6pm

To kick us off Victoria will lead a practical workshop on how to own yourself, your mind and your body in an image-obsessed society, and how practicing self-care can help you thrive, enhance your mood and make you feel more confident – just like applying a little self-tan does!  

🤔 Do you stand in front of the mirror pulling your body apart, believing that happiness will come only with change?  

🤔 Have you ever held back from doing what you really want to, down to fear of what others might think? 

🤔 Can you imagine living a bigger and bolder life, but sometimes find yourself feeling lost in who you are and what you want?  

Then you need to join our Instagram Live!

That’s not all… Over the coming months we’ll be sharing weekly ✨affirmations✨ to inspire and focus your energy on what’s important, partnering with key body confidence and positive advocates, and giving you the opportunity to get involved via our ‘Confidence Stories’.

We’ll be encouraging you to host Glow Up Parties with your mates, and even running a competition to give 5 lucky members of our community the chance to WIN a body confidence photoshoot so they’ll always remember how fabulous they can feel and look no matter what life throws at them.

And if you’re having a rubbish day and struggling with your body confidence, you can contact us via the Skinny Tan Glow Up Hotline and we’ll send a little positivity your way. Just drop us an email 💌 💌 and we’ll do the rest.

We’ve all experienced the ups and downs of life over the last year, but as we start to emerge and life takes on some sense of normality again, Skinny Tan is here to hold your hand. 🤗

We’re here to celebrate every body – because every body is beautiful.

We hope you’ll join us on the journey!

And to get you started, we've created a BRAND NEW Glow Up bundle available on our website including our best-selling, glow-tastic, Moisture Mousse Express! 

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