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How To Tan Your Tricky Bits

How To Tan Your Tricky Bits

All The Fake Tan Hacks For Getting To Those Hard To Reach Areas!

With all our easy to use and skin-loving formulas, it’s super simple to achieve the best fake tan of your life. You can buff your way from pasty to tasty in minutes, leaving everyone wondering when you managed to slip off on holiday without them noticing.

But whether you’re a tanning newbie or relative bronzed goddess expert, there are always tricky bits that need a little extra attention. It could be you’re struggling with knees and elbows, want to avoid pits that give the game away, or simply your digits that you dare move for fear of showing off your white bits!

No need to fear – with our top tips and tanning hacks, we’ve got you covered.



It’s always a good idea to exfoliate and remove unwanted hair at least 24 hours before you’re intending to tan; this will give the skin a chance to recover from any potential irritation and leave a smooth and even surface with which to apply your chosen tan.

Lightly moisturise the areas of your body that tan is likely to ‘stick’ too – including elbows, knees, hands and feet. Don’t forget your heels and back of your wrists, which often show tell-tale signs of a tanning sesh! This will help to prevent tan overload in these areas, or unsightly marks.



Dual Tanning Mitt: Our double-sided luxury velvet super soft tanning mitt helps smoother, faster tanning application and to protect palms from tanning. It’s easy to chuck it in the washing machine too. 

Mini Face Mitt: Perfect for applying to your face or other tricky areas, our mini mitt is cute as a button and super effective too.

Miracle Brush: An ultra-soft, ergonomically shaped brush that makes application in tricky areas super easy. Perfect for hands, feet, face and neck, the unique angled brush shape allows you to get into every crease, while the ultra-soft synthetic bristles effortlessly blend for a flawless, streak-free results. 

Back Applicator: Our BRAND NEW seamless edge, velvet back applicator will help you to get all those hard to reach places on your back. Less human pretzel, more elegant and streak-free application! 


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FACE: Never apply a dollop of tan direct on your face, instead use the leftover tan from your mitt to gently massage excess product onto your skin. This will ensure your colour matches, while giving you a super natural glow. Don’t forget to go up into your hairline and cover your ears! Our Miracle Brush can help blend and buff as a last step too.

HANDS: Take your tan up to roughly your wrists, leaving your hands until last. Again, use the leftover tan from your mitt to create a natural finish that’s not too dark, paying attention to between your fingers and avoiding the palms of your hands completely. To prevent white knuckles, scrunch your hand into a fist shape and lightly buff over the area using our Miracle Brush. 

FEET: When applying tan on your legs, finish just below the ankle and leave your feet until later. Use that leftover tan once again to go over your feet, between your toes and around the back of your heel. If you’re concerned about too-dark tootsies, you can also add a little moisturiser to toes and heels to prevent the tan from taking too much.

KNEES: It’s all in the prep here, so be sure to thoroughly exfoliate and moisturise before you apply tan. If the colour is a bit too dark when developed, you can go back and gently exfoliate to tone down the result.

ARMPITS: If you don’t want your tan to fade in your ‘pits, then avoid using deodorant until your tan has developed fully as this will prevent it from developing properly – and potentially change the colour result too!

BACK: Possibly the trickiest place to tan of all time, but not anymore with our NEW Back Applicator! Simply apply the self-tanning product to the centre of the applicator, hold either side of the applicator handles and blend & buff smoothly over your back. 

If you arm yourself with the right tools and the right knowledge, you’ll never discover a dodgy white bit again…

Happy Tanning!

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